Las Vegas Music Festivals

To complement the tantalizing shows along the Strip, Sin City also has periodic music festivals that move into town. Brush up on the music festival survival tips below, and go out and have the time of your life.

Best Las Vegas Music Festivals 2022

As summer draws near, Las Vegas heats up with world-renowned music festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Life Is Beautiful.

The same elements that make each of these festivals the experience of a lifetime; the pounding music, brilliant lights, and the roaring crowd, can also make them overwhelming for newcomers. As long as you keep your wits about you and come prepared, there is no reason a Las Vegas music festival should be anything other than a safe and enjoyable experience.

From Point A to B

There are three main challenges when it comes to transportation for a music festival in Las Vegas; getting to and from Vegas, getting to the venue, and getting back to your hotel. In most cases, you will leave Vegas the same way you arrived, so travel to and from the city can all be handled relatively easily. The part where it can get tricky is finding your way to and from the event.

Getting to Vegas

Flights to Las Vegas

If you live in a surrounding state, you and your friends may want to take a couple of extra days and take a road trip. This can be a fun experience, but the return drive can be quite exhausting. The normal challenges and stress involved in a road trip are only amplified when you are tired to the bone after several straight days of dancing and partying.

The most practical way to get to Vegas is to fly in. Flights to Vegas are usually inexpensive to encourage as many visitors as possible. And getting from the airport to your hotel is usually easy since it’s such a busy international hub. You’ll find taxis lined up outside the airport, or you can usually hire a limo to any hotel on the Strip for just under $100. Not a bad deal when split between a few friends.

Transport to the Festival

Transport to the Festival
Transport to the Festival

Getting to the music festival can be a bit more complicated. Traffic gets so bad during Las Vegas festivals that a cab ride can end up running you hundreds of dollars. The best solution is to take a shuttle. You can always find shuttles from the strip to major festivals. Buy a pass beforehand to get a wristband that lets you ride the shuttle at will during your stay. If you did end up bringing your own car, you should be able to find parking easily, but check ahead of time to make sure.

By the time you leave the venue you will probably be exhausted and disoriented, and maybe a little bit intoxicated. It is strongly recommended you plan your transportation back to your hotel beforehand. A taxi is usually the best option; the traffic will have died down and you won’t have to try to navigate shuttle schedules and routes in a tired and dazed state.

Keeping in Touch

Keeping in Touch
Keeping in Touch

It may be a stereotype about Las Vegas music festivals but it is absolutely true; no matter how many friends you arrive at the venue with, you will lose track of most of them by the end of the night. Often this is part of the fun. It gives you a chance to join other groups for a while, then meet up with your friends later to share your experiences. For safety reasons and to keep anyone from having to worry, it is a good idea to plan for meet-ups and check-ins.

Never expect to have cell phone service at a Vegas event. The venues are usually out of the way and it would be too loud to hear your phone ring or the person on the other line anyways.

Figure out when and where you want to meet your friends when you first arrive at the festival. Then at the end of the night, you can all get together easily to head back to the hotel. It can also be a good idea to schedule check-ins, meeting up at a set location (such as the lockers) every few hours to make sure everyone is safe and sound. If you’re prepared to get separated it will become an adventure rather than a cause for panic.

The Music Fest Survival Kit


Packing a few essentials and dressing properly will drastically improve your Vegas music festival experience. Before anything else, it cannot be emphasized enough how crucial it is to wear comfortable shoes.

Fashion is not a consideration here, you will not last twenty minutes in heels or dress shoes. You will be astounded how fast slightly uncomfortable shoes can turn into agonizing foot pain at a music festival. Besides, fancy footwear will just get destroyed by all the standing and dancing. In addition to comfort, your shoes should be sturdy as well. In a jostling crowd of thousands of people, your feet are bound to get stepped on.

You never need to wear layers to a music festival in Las Vegas, even at night during late fall. Even having dressed lightly you will find you get uncomfortably hot. In fact, dehydration is a major risk at these festivals. If the festival lets you bring in a bottle of water, you should definitely take advantage. If not, all major festivals provide free watering stations to reduce the risk of severe dehydration.

Two often overlooked but essential packing items are hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

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